Nothing Lonelier than being Sexually Asaaulted

Nothing Lonelier than being Sexually Asaaulted

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Fourth of July to General Titshaw

Here is the face of another General who is siding with sexual Predators. He believes if he could just shut his victims up enough that they would go away. Justice in Motion will not stop until each sexual Predator is removed from the Army Guard. We will not stop until the commanders who protect them are discharged as well. While honorable women who have been assaulted deal with their pain knowing they are not appreciated, this General will celebrate their silence. His predator friends around the Florida National Guard enjoy his protection from Administrative Actions. Folks lets be clear! There are things this general does not know you have access too. For one: Even the low tech Army National Guard can administratively separate sexual predators and do not need the approval of Jury's to do so. Unfortunately this General has doubled down on his protection of sexual predators and has reset sexual assault policy so that sexual predators will receive the aid and comfort of knowing he WILL NOT engage you in the legal arena. His staff will force all sexual assault claims into sexual harassment so as to maintain his states ranking as the #1 Sexual Assault program in the Country. This General could max out each sexual predator with a General Discharge Under Honorable Conditions so as to set a standard of zero tolerance but he refuses to do so as the result of a policy that states, "Wait to see how the civilians handle it first." This is not how the military leads. Women are NOT safe under his command while sexual predators are running free and clear. If you are a sexual assault victim and especially if the predator is aviation "Makings of Tailhook" then you are free to sexually assault any female you want and your only fear will be the civilian backlash. The real victims in all of this are the women who do not receive the protections from this General Officer. At one point this General Officer signed off on a 10' order of protection for one of the Sexual Assault Victims in his command. YES! The victim had to work within 10' of the Predator. So Happy Fourth of July General Titshaw! We hope you have a sexual assault free day! The victims in your units surely wont have a happy day knowing that you do not have their backs!

Justice in Motion 4 Sexual Misconduct in the Military

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