Nothing Lonelier than being Sexually Asaaulted

Nothing Lonelier than being Sexually Asaaulted

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sexual Assault Victims are Liars (According to the Marines)

Well, sexual assault victims its in! One of the JAG officers that might represent you in the Marines feels your full of crap. Apparently what you had to say is irrelevant and doesnt fit the narrative of this female marine JAG officer who feels sexual assault is not a problem in her branch. We will follow up with the statistics of sexual assault in the Marine Corps to see if it is a problem. In our world one assault is a problem. In this JAG officers opinion it appears as if not is not enough to make it a problem. Please read the article below and you decide!

According to the Washington Times -
The month it was released, Capt. Lindsay Rodman, a Marine Corps judge advocate, wrote an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal titled “The Pentagon’s Bad Math on Sexual Assault.” “The truth is that the 26,000 figure is such bad math — derived from an unscientific sample set and extrapolated military-wide — that no conclusions can be drawn from it,” Capt. Rodman wrote. “It is disheartening to me, as a female officer in the Marine Corps and a judge advocate devoted to the professional practice of law in the military, to see Defense Department leaders and members of Congress deal with this emotionally charged issue without the benefit of solid, verifiable data.”

Capt. Rodman is a Marine Corps judge advocate stationed at U.S. Marine Headquarters in Arlington, Va. Her opinions do not reflect the position of the Defense Department or the Marine Corps.

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Monday, July 7, 2014

Suicides and Violent Sex Crimes rates RISE!

 Yet again sex crimes in the Military are sharply on the rise. Will you join us in exposing the disease that continues to make its way through the military ranks. The Florida National Guard has helped us (News to them) expose a huge loop hole in the National Guard that allows Title 32 Commanders to not have to report sexual assaults. Local commanders can just say they defer prosecution to local authorities without actually calling authorities. 

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Army Commanders: What Sexual Assault!

Military Commanders were being grilled in this video over whether they should be kept in the loop on sexual assaults. Its clear that the 2 new cases in Florida prove military commanders are just as culpable as the predators that commit these violent sexual crimes. General Titshaw assured predators this week, "We will only go after predators once the civilians have acted and then we will be forced to act."

Army Sexual Assault Prosecutor Suspended for Sexual Assault!

AT A SEXUAL ASSAULT CONFERENCE! There is a sick twisted disease that is creeping down the Army Officer ranks! Its called entitlement! They feel they are entitled to treat women anyway they want. Ill put money on the fact that at most this guy will be asked to retire. The last Army General that assaulted a women lost a star and still makes more on retirement than he did during his actual time in uniform. As for the victims: Who cares says the Army!

     This is the creme de la creme. He is a prosecutor who at a sexual assault conference couldnt keep his hands off a co-worker. SICK! This is what validates everything else we write. Just because they have a uniform on doesnt make them honorable! The TOP General in the Florida Guard is protecting Sexual Predators as well. Read the other stories on our site to hear about it.

Vandiver, John. "Army’s Top Sex Assault Prosecutor Suspended after Assault Allegation." Stripes Blank RSS Test. N.p., 06 Mar. 2014. Web. 06 July 2014. <>.


He will not have to register as a sex offender. Maybe if he had, it would deter other members from assaulting women in the military. Another example of how men in power abuse their position and send a message to their lower ranking buddies that the Army SHARP program is loaded with jokes. REMEMBER: JAG lawyers who try these guys and defend them all come from West Point. Do you really believe that when Generals have their way with women they will receive the max of the law. Here is proof! Any Questions. DO NOT REPORT YOUR ASSAULT TO THE MILITARY. Go straight to the Civilians authorities and to the MEDIA!

Foley, Zane. "U.S. Army General Sinclair Pleads Guilty to Sexual Assault Charges." Guardian Liberty Voice. N.p., 16 Mar. 2014. Web. 06 July 2014. <>.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

National Guard on Sexual Assault Crimes -NO COMMENT!

Today in the most cowardly fashion the National Guard has scrubbed its Facebook page for any dissent! Rather than responding to how things are being fixed they resorted to a position of erasing posts. This is typical of an organization that supports the suppression of women's rights when it comes to harassment and sexual assault. The Guards official position on women being raped and assaulted in the National Guard is, "NO COMMENT!"

Friday, July 4, 2014

Army Guard Shirks Duty! Defends Sexual Predators!

The Florida Army National Guard has the authority to Discharge Sexual Predators. The Governors Office is shirking this duty out of preference for not harming the rights of sexual Predators. Below is the law that allows "if he cared" Governor Scott to immediately discharge sexual predators that are being protected under the careful eye of General Titshaw. Both laws allow for the immediate termination of inept leadership and the sexual predators they provide safe harbor to!. THIS IS TAIL-HOOK ALL OVER!


Florida Law 251.12 Enlisted personnel.—The term of enlistment in the Florida State Defense Force shall be for 3 years, SUBJECT TO TERMINATION at the pleasure of the Governor prior to the expiration of such period. The oath to be taken upon enlistment in such Florida State Defense Force shall be substantially in the form prescribed for enlisted personnel of the National Guard, substituting the words “Florida State Defense Force” where necessary, and omitting the reference to the President of the United States. The subject term of 3 years may be extended by express direction of the Governor.

Florida Law 251.11 Commissioned officers.—The term of commission in the Florida State Defense Force shall be for 3 years, Subject to termination at the pleasure of the Governor prior to the expiration of such period. s The oath to be taken by officers commissioned in such Florida State Defense Force shall be substantially in the form prescribed for officers of the National Guard, substituting the words “Florida State Defense Force” where necessary, and omitting the reference to the President of the United States. The subject term of 3 years may be extended by express direction of the Governor.

Florida Guard Sexual Assault Reporting!

According to the Army’s SHARP website, the message leaders are conveying is: “Speak Up! A Voice Unheard is an Army Defeated.” This is a complete pile of crap in the Florida Army Guard.

General Titshaw this past week formally adopted the policy of, "Stand back" Wait to see if the victim takes action in the civil arena. If not then do nothing or try to sidetrack the assault to sexual harassment. When the victim is defeated then its a victory for leadership. They made it clear to the victims that they will be threatened with loss of deployments, victim focused punishment, and various other quieting techniques and no commanders will be relieved for engaging in this encouraging activity. Another rape victim was found within the Guard and we will expose this diseased culture of women being considered lessor human beings! We will keep you informed as to whether the Guard did the right thing. If not you'll see the details right here. We have victims now coming out of the wood works. The Guard cant find them but they talk to us.

If your in the National Guard and you have been sexually harassed or assaulted DO NOT USE YOUR CHAIN OF COMMAND!
All roads lead to this guy who will assist in suppressing the reports that validate your claim. Go to the MEDIA immediately and the civil authorities. Hire a Civilian (Not military) lawyer before you talk to anyone in uniform about your claim! <--- Trust worthy advice! The military lawyers only protect commanders. In a case still on going, the Florida JAG (Military lawyers) suppressed criminal evidence in the case to ensure lessor charges.

DO NOT REPORT YOUR RAPE OR ASSAULT TO THE GUARD! Let the media expose the Predator and Commanders!


Orlando News:  888-236-1313

Miami News: 954-NBC-6000

Jacksonville News: 904-393-9844

Tampa News: 1-800-348-WFLA

Justice in Motion 4 Sexual Misconduct in the Military

Happy Fourth of July to General Titshaw

Here is the face of another General who is siding with sexual Predators. He believes if he could just shut his victims up enough that they would go away. Justice in Motion will not stop until each sexual Predator is removed from the Army Guard. We will not stop until the commanders who protect them are discharged as well. While honorable women who have been assaulted deal with their pain knowing they are not appreciated, this General will celebrate their silence. His predator friends around the Florida National Guard enjoy his protection from Administrative Actions. Folks lets be clear! There are things this general does not know you have access too. For one: Even the low tech Army National Guard can administratively separate sexual predators and do not need the approval of Jury's to do so. Unfortunately this General has doubled down on his protection of sexual predators and has reset sexual assault policy so that sexual predators will receive the aid and comfort of knowing he WILL NOT engage you in the legal arena. His staff will force all sexual assault claims into sexual harassment so as to maintain his states ranking as the #1 Sexual Assault program in the Country. This General could max out each sexual predator with a General Discharge Under Honorable Conditions so as to set a standard of zero tolerance but he refuses to do so as the result of a policy that states, "Wait to see how the civilians handle it first." This is not how the military leads. Women are NOT safe under his command while sexual predators are running free and clear. If you are a sexual assault victim and especially if the predator is aviation "Makings of Tailhook" then you are free to sexually assault any female you want and your only fear will be the civilian backlash. The real victims in all of this are the women who do not receive the protections from this General Officer. At one point this General Officer signed off on a 10' order of protection for one of the Sexual Assault Victims in his command. YES! The victim had to work within 10' of the Predator. So Happy Fourth of July General Titshaw! We hope you have a sexual assault free day! The victims in your units surely wont have a happy day knowing that you do not have their backs!

Justice in Motion 4 Sexual Misconduct in the Military

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Army Guard Sexual Assault Policy Change!

The Army Guard to Women: SHUT UP WHEN ASSAULTED! The Army changed its policy today. Women can no longer seek relief from commanders in the Army. Today in Florida the TOP General formally declared that the Army will wait out civilian trials to ensure that all levels of political correctness have been achieved so as to ensure we don't accept the liability of harming the sexual predator. The Army today has decided the liability of alienating the victim is far less risky than protecting a known sexual predator (Also guilty of harassment!). This is a clear reversal in policy from what was briefed to Congress! Read what was found on the internet about the Army in relation to sexual assault! Close sources have found this information to be true! Inept commanders who treat sexual assault victims like in the story below earn Bronze Stars for their heraldry on what they consider a lessor class human being! I encourage all media to expose this egregious violation of public trust.


Sexual Assault in the Army: Today the Florida Army National Guard attempted to place a sexual assault victim in the same unit as the Predator. The JAG for the Florida National Guard suppressed the CID investigation so the investigation would look like sexual harassment. The Florida National Guard is fighting the effort to discharge the predator (Staff Sergeant Baker). Turns out the Predator, LTC Bradley, and the S3 for the 1-111th all served together. The S3 for the 1-111th is the officer who conducted the 15-6 for the sexual assault against a SPC in the 2-111th. The world didn't know that the predator knew the investigating officer and the commander of the victim and were all friends. JOKES ON THE VICTIM. The TAG is defending the predator and the suppression of the Lake City CID investigation. While the victim was on title ten, the commander coerced her into signing a statement saying, "All you have to do is sign the NGB 333 for sexual harassment and then the sexual assault investigation can start." This was on title ten at Fort Hood. One of the assaults took place on Fort Lee. 1 and a half years later and the victim is still suffering while the predator enjoys a full time position and continues to spread details of the case within the units the victim is trying to relocate to. WOMEN ARE NOT SAFE IN THE FLORIDA NATIONAL GUARD. 

The soldier that was sexually assault during pre-deployment was also sexually harassed while deployed to Kuwait but refused to make a statement due to the victim focused punishment she received from her Commander (2-111th). This same commander received a Bronze Star for his heroism in Kuwait (keeping in mind his females opinions and safety were suppressed the whole time). The invisible war is very real and the war on women is alive in the Army. The Commander of the 2-111th threatened the victims deployment over her making the complaint. The Commander of the 2-111th Aviation on Camp Blanding Florida forced the victim to file a sexual harassment complaint and refused to let the victim sign a sexual assault complaint. Active Duty Army CID confirmed that the sexual assault took place. Active Army CID confirmed that the JAG office of the Florida Army National Guard in fact received a copy of the sexual assault report (confirming the assault). The TAG persisted with the sexual harassment and let the perpetrator off. This is definitely news worthy. Inst commissioned officers coercing victims on title ten a U.S. Army problem even if its a national Guard Soldier on title 10? All parties were on title ten. When will big army step in and say enough is enough. When will the SHARP program actually be a serious program. The Army handling of this case has proven that its a joke and women have no place in the Army. 

The TOP Army General in the Florida National Guard (TAG) has this case. The case was adjudicated favorable for the Sexual Predator by the Governors office! THIS WILL MAKE IT TO THE NEWS. NOW THE SEXUAL PREDATOR WORKS FOR THE S3 OFFICER OF THE 1-111TH Aviation @ Cecil Field. <---- The investigating officer for the sexual assault! JOKES ON THE VICTIM! THIS IS NOT GOING AWAY! CID report was nefariously left out of the report so the predator would only get accused of sexual harassment. Oh by the way the Camp Blanding EEO demanded to the victim that she could only file a harassment charge. CORRUPTION THAT WILL BE STOPPED AND ON THE NEWS! What are you going to do about it? If you are serious about SHARP and firing leaders who make a joke of it then look into this. Office of Complicated Investigations? A new 2910 was filed and the victim was told there will be NO investigations. We can only ask you apply pressure and help end the buddy system. 

The sexual predator (SSG Baker) now works in the same unit as the S3 officer (1-111th Aviation, Cecil Field). The Commander of the Victim (LTC Bradley) worked directly with the investigator (S3 officer of the 1-111th Aviation, Cecil Field). SSG Baker worked with both of these Officers. The SHARP program was designed to protect the victim and in this case it rewarded the sexual predator. Someone in command should be relieved. Someone in charge should be discharged for this gross violation of public trust. The bottom line up front is that the JAG for the Florida Army NATIONAL Guard suppressed the CID investigation (Should be fired), The S3 Officer for the (1-111th Aviation Cecil Field) who conducted the investigation knew the Commander of the 2-111th Aviation and the Sexual Predator (SSG Baker of the 2-111th) and all three worked together at one point (All three should be relieved) and the SHARP office (under Major Hunt) did nothing with the 2910 originally signed before the 2-111th Kuwait deployment, The EEO at Camp Blanding (Colonel Harkrider) demanded the victim file sexual harassment instead of assault. The victim filed a 2910 anyway and the guard executed an EEO complaint and not a Sexual Assault Complaint. 

All levels of command should be reviewed for relief. This is the grossest violation of public trust. This is behavior that's expected from criminals and not soldiers. The question now is what will you do with this information that the public has entrusted you with? Lake City CID has all the details and so does the Florida National Guard SHARP Office. Oh by the way Major Hunt was named #1 SHARP Representative. If this is what number 1 looks like then what do the others look like? Id review that award and audit how many assaults were coerced into sexual harassment. Its not likely that a visible suppression of of sexual crimes in this manner is a singular event! Its a culture! Signed, Concerned Citizen for Women!

TO THE ARMY GUARD: How are you going to fix this! Let me guess: Threaten the Victim! Its expected! The Army Guard has yet to make one statement about this!