Nothing Lonelier than being Sexually Asaaulted

Nothing Lonelier than being Sexually Asaaulted

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Army Sexual Assault Prosecutor Suspended for Sexual Assault!

AT A SEXUAL ASSAULT CONFERENCE! There is a sick twisted disease that is creeping down the Army Officer ranks! Its called entitlement! They feel they are entitled to treat women anyway they want. Ill put money on the fact that at most this guy will be asked to retire. The last Army General that assaulted a women lost a star and still makes more on retirement than he did during his actual time in uniform. As for the victims: Who cares says the Army!

     This is the creme de la creme. He is a prosecutor who at a sexual assault conference couldnt keep his hands off a co-worker. SICK! This is what validates everything else we write. Just because they have a uniform on doesnt make them honorable! The TOP General in the Florida Guard is protecting Sexual Predators as well. Read the other stories on our site to hear about it.

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